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EPLH13 LED Bulbs H11 30W 5K/6K 2 tubes

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LED bulbs are replacements for the original halogen bulbs, made in LED technology. In the production process used very lively and well-known for their reliability LEDs that perfectly harmonize with modern cooling system - turbofan and control system SMARTS IC. Bulbs characterized by excellent fit border called chiaroscuro. cut off. The intensity of the light of our LED bulbs and comfort are better than xenon light, are more viable and easier to install. Less is also the consumption of energy, the bulbs are environmentally friendly. Thanks to LED technology, there is no effect of "burning up", as is the case with Xenon, that the longer they are used, the less shine and change its color. We can easily be concluded that they are "xenony the future."

Why our light bulbs?
- FULL LED regardless of the number of hours of light always lit at the beginning as
- waterproof
- Three times longer service life compared to standard incandescent bulbs
- environmentally friendly
- Easy to install
- Consume 40% less energy than standard bulbs
- One light bulb draws 30 WAT
- Light color: 6000k (pure white)
- Operating voltage: 8V-36V (for cars and trucks)
- Cooperate with CAN-BUS (no error "scorched bulbs" in the latest vehicles)
- Lamps equipped with a cooling system Turbofan (intelligent cooling control system)
- Reliable control system SMARTS IC
- No interference on the radio and CB

- 2 pieces of LED bulbs H11
- 2 sets of tubes 6000k (pure white) / 5000k (warm white)
- 2 pieces controllers equipped with a CAN bus-BUS
- Manual connection with photographs

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