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EPACC002 White magnet phone holder

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White smartphone holder EPACC002

Magnetic holder is a new and innovative product on the market that will soon conquer the market handles mobile devices. Small size, rapid assembly and ease of use, versatility and styling, make it an ideal product for everyone.

For mobile device is not permanently attached great element-magnet, which can pierce pants, hurt us or have an impact on the daily use of your phone! ONLY WITH US is small, thin magnetic plate which is invisible and imperceptible in everyday use of the phone.

The resistance to the magnet
The device does not cause interference in electronic equipment

Kit Contents:
- Attachment to the phone (metal plate) in three colors: white, gold (gold-colored iPhone) and black
- Handle with magnet for fixing
- Special cloth
- installation instructions
- Circular pad mounting

24 months warranty

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